The Ladies of the Jewelia Project

A Community’s Best Friend


Mrs. January, Tammy Crandell

Tammy Crandell is an experienced Travel Consultant since 2009. Her professional background includes 2.5 years in Compliance and Human Resource Management in Home Health Care, 30 years in Retail Banking, and 9 in Branch & Market Management. These roles are a result of her impassioned need to assist others. Commitment to community has always played a part of who she is since childhood.

This was influenced by her parents’ involvement in local groups to assist their community. Her families’ legacy is ongoing with her continued involvement in community organizations that make an impact on the lives of others both personally and professionally. These include such organizations as the Port St Lucie Business Women, SELF (the Solar Energy Loan Fund), CareBag, The Boys and Girls Clubs, the St Lucie County Chamber, and the Ladies of Jewelia for Hands SLC just to name a few.


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