The Ladies of the Jewelia Project

A Community’s Best Friend


Mrs. September, Gail Flesche

“I love this place!” My grandchildren are the fifth generation of the Hallstrom Family to live in St. Lucie County. As a pioneer family, my swedish ancestors settled here in 1904 to farm pineapples. Having been born and raised in Fort Pierce, I attend local schools and churches, where I built a treasure chest of friends, some of which received help from the Hands clinic. What better way for me to help others than to be a part of The Jewelia Project, benefitting the clinic, where the funds raised go to local uninsured patient care.

I am proud to be a part of such a wonderful, caring group of twelve women, who comprise Jewelia. My daughter, Brittany, is also a lady of Jewelia and I hope her daughter, Emily Gail, will also continue the tradition of caring for others.

With our help, the HANDS Clinic will continue. The Clinic will survive with the help of all of us who “Love this place.”


Upcoming Ladies