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Ms. April 2018

Jackie Holfelder

I’ve lived in Florida since 1973, starting in Boca, moving to Jupiter and finally to St. Lucie West. Nobody in my family ever leaves New York, but I met a guy in a Manhattan bar who was being transferred to Florida and in 2018 we celebrate our 42nd anniversary, so I guess it was a good move!

I started to write professionally when I was in middle school and a friend and I had a teen interest column in our local paper, The Queens Post. Along the way, I worked at WABC Radio, the National Enquirer and as assistant editor at Luminaries, which is where I met Sydney Liebman. I now do freelance marketing and p.r., primarily in Martin County, but available to work anywhere.

I’ve always loved to travel: I’d say my best trip was when I was 22 and spent 3-1/2 months in Europe with two girlfriends living like the Europeans and learning more about life than I did in all my years of college.

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